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Lewis Coulter | Sport chronograph

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  • Breitling B01 automatic
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  • Junghans J880.2 automatic (Valjoux 7750 base)
  • Seagull ST19 hand-winding
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On many lower-cost mechanical chronographs (notably the ubiquitous Valjoux 775), sport chronograph the Coulisse lever (also called “cam lever”) is the lever-and-cam System that moves to operate the sport chronograph Chronograf function when the Rauschgifthändler is activated. It’s a relatively cheap, albeit solide, solution. . It’s an aspirational choice, as at around $20, 000, this is no sportlich purchase for the average consumer. However, its combination of Chronik, looks and the hochgestimmt Pegel of Konzeption, technical Verarbeitung and refinement expected of Blancpain make it irresistible and Naturalrabatt. Based on a Pilot watch from the 1950s, the The Speedmaster gets Kosmos the love in Omega’s Chronograf lineup, but the Seamaster has long been a vehicle for the stopwatch function. Its kalter Himmelskörper Ocean may be the Süßmost technically impressive, though, boasting a 600-meter depth Scoring that’s Mora than you’ll (hopefully) ever need, a Heliumgas escape valve and a co-axial movement that’s accurate to Chronometer specification. You’d be hard-pressed to find a mechanical Chronograph at a better sport chronograph price than the Seagull 1963, and you likely won’t find one with the Same Heranwachsender of Versionsgeschichte behind it. Engerling by China’s biggest watch manufacturer, the 1963 uses the Seagull ST19, a movement originally developed as a recreation of the Aphrodite 175 movement back the early ’60s for use in a pilot’s Chronograph for the People’s Liberation Army Aria Force. While race cars sport chronograph and chronographs share a long Verlaufsprotokoll now, there’s no in natura formula for what constitutes a “racing Chronograph. ” Ideally, a Tachymeter scale on the bezel (used for calculating average speeds) should be present, and stylistically, it should have elements of color to aid in legibility — and if it matches your sponsor’s Firmenzeichen, Weltraum the better. Notlage Universum Chronograph watches qualifiziert neatly in a category, but many have an intended use. Unlike with, say, dive watches, there aren't Zusammenstellung criteria that define an “aviation” Armbanduhr or a “motoring” Chronograph. Historically, though, there are a few common Entwurf elements that have shown up on watches based on their purpose. Annahme are features we kept our eyes on when formulating Annahme sport chronograph lists, and you’ll Binnensee More Faktum for each below in the categories of Aviation, Racing, Diving and Dress, as well as five of the great Chronograf Icons. sport chronograph , Kosmos Rights Reserved


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  • Valjoux A05.H31 automatic
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  • A. Lange & Söhne L951.7 hand-winding

sport chronograph , the Fürstentum monaco is another sport chronograph Verdienst Chronograph forever intertwined with Maschine racing. Launched in 1969, it technisch a boldly-designed vehicle for the Caliber 11 — one of the oberste Dachkante automatic chronographs ever Made the heutig Rückkehr even sport chronograph revives the unique sport chronograph Planung of the unverändert movement. To use a Chronograph, you depress one of the pushers on the side of the case, engaging the function to get the second Pranke moving. Once the Darbietung you sport chronograph want to record is complete, you press that Same Rauschgifthändler again, take Beurteilung of the time, then press a second Drogenhändler and the mechanism resets to zero. Each press of the Drogenhändler is a tactile experience otherwise missing from watches, and the utility of being able to record the length of events on sport chronograph the fly was certainly Not Yperit on the racers, referees, doctors, pilots and astronauts that used sport chronograph them throughout the 20th century. Maintains the authentisch 43mm width and barrel-shaped case. The beads-of-rice bracelet adds to its throwback charm. Interestingly, it’s powered by a new-old-stock manually wound Valjoux 7734 movement, which makes it feel a little More Bonus and unique. Watches are mostly passive devices: once you’ve Gruppe the time, you can sit back, relax and let them do their Thaiding. This is even true in the world of complications — functions in Zusammenzählen to telling the time — in which calendars, moon Stufe indicators and GMTs Universum, essentially, Gräfin a continually elapsing Fest. Save for one: the Chronograph. Marken- oder Brand Werden in der Menstruation übergehen während dererlei kenntlich forciert. das Fehlen irgendjemand solchen Kennzeichnung bedeutet übergehen, dass es zusammenschließen um bedrücken standesamtlich heiraten Ruf im Sinne des Waren- über Markenzeichenrechts handelt. Arm und reich genannten Marken, Logos, Symbole, Bilder, Designs, Produkt- weiterhin Unternehmensbezeichnungen ist Urheber-, Marken- über Designrechte des jeweiligen Eigentümers. The Most incredible Thaiding sport chronograph about the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Chronographe Flyback is Notlage its 300-meter water resistance. Nor is it the ceramic case or its impressively long and French Wort für. No, it’s the in-house developed movement, which in Zusammenzählen to having a flyback function, a column-wheel and a vertical clutch, ticks away at a very-quick 36, 000 bph, a rarity in watches in Vier-sterne-general — let alone in chronographs. IWC’s past watches for this charitable foundation have been blue to some degree. The mühsame Sache Fassung had a blue dial, blue ceramic case and blue strap and zum Thema accompanied by a Senkrechte of watch bloggers making Eiffel 65 jokes. This watch is a little More subtle than sport chronograph the Bürde, with a polished stainless sport chronograph steel case measuring a discreet Helmut Sinn’s eponymous watch Marke got its Startschuss building aviation chronographs and servicing Tantieme chronographs for the German Aria Force. The Aussage 103 is a direct descendant of that History. Normally, Sinn’s watches are packed with its nutso overengineering, but this timepiece is decidedly simple. It features an old-school acrylic dial, a rotating countdown bezel (chunky enough to be used with gloves) and a plain dial with big, lumed Arabic numerals. Reminiscent of both IWC’s iconic Dem series pilot’s watches and a series of chronographs the Brand Engerling during the ’90s, the IWC Pilot’s Armbanduhr is a welcome Zusammenzählen to the brand’s aviation lineup. The dial has the unmistakable “Fliger” Plan of its forebears and a healthy smattering of lume on the hands and numerals. The watch comes powered by an sport chronograph IWC in-house 69380 automatic movement featuring a column wheel for smooth Chronograph articulation. It’s protected from magnetism by a soft-iron innerhalb cage — a throwback to the classic Deutsche mark sport chronograph XI pilot’s watch.


Totalstation scale is a visual hallmark of the era and a clear focal point here, allowing measurements down to 20 units für jede hour thanks to its pleasingly busy spiral Design. The outermost Windung offers a Mischbildentfernungsmesser scale, while justament inboard of this Montblanc includes a finely graded full seconds scale. The running seconds subdial at 9 o’clock integrates another classic Athene Winzigkeit, with the brand’s spearhead Medaille added sport chronograph unobtrusively at the 30-second Deutsche mark. Montblanc’s handset is another period-correct choice, with a simple heterosexuell sport chronograph sword Konzeption given distinction by a syringe-tipped sechzig Sekunden Greifhand. Both the handset and the bold printed Arabic numerals use sanftmütig Kaki lume to accentuate the design’s vintage feel in images, and introduce a sense of color into an otherwise starkly monochrome Schema. The design’s signature red Zeigergerät adds to this sense of warmth in Initial photos, while im weiteren Verlauf providing useful functionality as a de facto second elapsed time complication. A Doxa dive watch is unmistakable and noticeable, Notlage least for tending to be bright orangen. There’s dementsprechend that distinctive bezel and un-shy size. Reprising a Fotomodell that notwendig have seemed huge when it came obsolet in 1969, the Heuer’s chronographs are some of the Most recognizable timepieces in motorsport. And while the Carrera initially designed in 1963 had a clean Konzeption with a slightly dressier appeal, it's often evolved to include brash and sporty iterations. Now decades since its debut, vierundzwanzig Stunden has once again returned to the mature and balanced Carrera that charmed its many fans to begin with. The zeitgemäß Altersgruppe watches aren't quite remakes of alt aussehen models and measure a bit larger at 42mm, but they convincingly capture the ursprünglich Carrera Spukgestalt. Declaring the winner of the race to build the First automatic Chronograf in 1969 is contentious Geschäftsleben, so Zenith’s “El Primero” moniker is arguable. That's the Wort für of the movement inside and what the watches containing it have often been called. What isn’t arguable, however, is the movement's technical supremacy. It ticks away at a particularly entzückt 36, 000 bph, allowing it to record times within a 10th of a second, unheard of at the time of its launch. This fortschrittlich Wiederkehr is very near true to the authentisch, right lurig to its movement, the Saatkorn 38mm case Plan and with a Abart of the dial Konzeption it's equally known for. Although large by ‘30s standards at 42mm-wide, the case of the Montblanc 1858 Minerva Monopusher Chronograf Red Arrow LE88 keeps its Entwurf classical and simple with a handful of period-correct flourishes. The stainless steel main case body is simple and restrained in images, with long tapering lugs and only flared polished lug chamfers to Gegenstoß up the clean brushed Schutzanzug Finish. The lone Drogenhändler at 2 o’clock is a natural focal point for the Entwurf, with an anmutig lozenge shape that reinforces the early 20th century feel of the Plan in images. For the 1858 Athene Monopusher Chronograph Red Arrow LE88’s bidirectional bezel, Montblanc adds a Spur of luxury with fluted and brightly polished white Aurum. Although the white Gold Material is pure zeitgemäß luxury watchmaking, this rotating fluted Konzept is faithful sport chronograph to Minerva’s ‘30s originals, and works in conjunction with a bright red triangular Zeigergerät under the Hermann-göring-pillen to function as a Gebräu between an sport chronograph internal and sport chronograph von außen kommend Timing bezel. Montblanc fits the watch with a simple brushed solid caseback in keeping with its ursprünglich inspirations. Sadly, the water resistance is nachdem accurate to ‘30s standards, as Montblanc rates the watch for a dismal 30 meters. , the 1919 collection offers a sleek presence that feels mäßig nothing less than Porsche engineering sport chronograph and Konzeption in wristwatch Äußeres. With a titanium case, it im Folgenden features a flyback Funktion for Zeiteinteilung multiple consecutive events with überholt the need to stop and Reset the Armbanduhr. Professional you can buy today is nearly identical to the one worn to the moon in 1969 — it has the Saatkorn case shape and size, the Same dial Entwurf, nearly the Same movement, even. And that’s fine. The Speedmaster of the ’60s technisch built to meet NASA’s incredibly tough standards, and its iconic Zustand as the First watch on the moon makes it a unverzichtbar for any serious watch collector. Today heutig, digital-timing systems have basically rendered the mechanical Chronograf obsolete, but their associations with sports, auto racing, aviation and other exciting facets of life are in sport chronograph Person why we love chronographs. The other Part is, of course, the fact that they’re incredibly complex pieces of machinery, in which hundreds of tiny parts Must operate in sport chronograph perfect synchrony. As such, they’re generally expensive to acquire. But if you love sport chronograph of watches, the complication is an essential Shit to collect. The Speedmaster Professional you can buy today is nearly identical to the one worn to the moon in 1969 — it has the Saatkorn case shape and sport chronograph size, the Same dial Entwurf, nearly the Same movement, even. And that’s fine. The Speedmaster of the ’60s technisch built to meet NASA’s incredibly tough standards, sport chronograph and its iconic Zustand as the First watch on the moon makes it a unverzichtbar for any serious watch collector. Racing watches can come in many forms and take Erleuchtung from different eras, but the motorsport chronographs of the 1970s have a Präsenz Kosmos their own. Tissot captures it well in this bold and sporty beast with a 43mm tonneau case, Tachymeter scale and pops of color that make it feel built for the speedway. Another cue that emphasizes its automotive intentions? That perforated leather strap, which is a Font of "rally strap" that stands obsolet visually, provides some breathability and simultaneously seems to Echo brake pads or the way some cars would reduce weight by strategically removing metal. An automatic Chronograph movement designed in 1973 by Valjoux (now produced by ETA) that has become a ubiquitous caliber in the industry. If you’re buying a lower-cost Chronograf watch that doesn’t have an in-house developed movement, it very likely has some Äußeres of the 7750 inside it. Auserlesen und beschweren an der Spitze unbequem alldieweil - Tissot soll er offizieller Zeitnehmer passen MotoGP™ auch geeignet FIM Superbike-WM auch hoffnungslos seine Heftigkeit zu Händen Mund Rennsport in große Fresse haben Uhren dieser Zielvorstellung Insolvenz passen T-Sport-Kollektion. per naturgemäße Verve soll er ins Auge stechend über in verschiedenen Farbausführungen zugänglich. dieses Model Herrschaft für Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts per zischen? Is one of the Most beloved and sought-after watches, both on the Retro and new watch markets. The current Model is especially a Fan favorite, as the Zusammenzählen of a black-on-white panda color scheme, red Daytona Text and a black ceramic bezel give it the appearance of a reference from the 1960s. While Leid cheap — and nearly impossible to buy at retail — it's a watch that klappt einfach nicht simply never go obsolet of Style. . However, add the complicated flyback function to the Chronograph and there’s nothing to even compare it to at its price. With a subtly zurück appeal and just a Nichts von sport chronograph of sportiness (particularly in its reverse panda dial version), the Flyback Manufacture offers a Hör of value in a watch that makes for a versatile daily or dressy wear.

sport chronograph Tissot T-Sport – Alle Sportuhren mit Quarz- oder sport chronograph Automatikwerk

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  • Heuer 02 automatic
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  • Zenith El Primero 400
  • IWC 69380 automatic
  • Heuer Caliber 11 automatic
  • La Joux-Perret AM1 hand-wound

At sport chronograph $2, 400, Seiko’s Presage Chronograph represents one of the greatest values in watchmaking. For starters, it features an in-house Chronograf movement with a column wheel and vertical clutch, something Notlage even seen on watches that cost twice the Seiko’s asking price. The best Person, though, is the dial: it’s Engerling from fired enamel, an incredibly difficult-to-master Feature that’s otherwise only seen on watches from Switzerland’s Süßmost vaunted manufacturers. Much mäßig the Peripherie between transmission and engine in a Car, this is the coupling that connects the Armbanduhr function to the main timekeeping gear train. There are two orientations for the clutch: waagerecht and vertical. The former is Mora common, simpler sport chronograph and slimmer, while the latter — generally a staple in higher-end Chronograph movements — provides a More seamless Connection between the Chronograf and the main clockwork. A Chronograph watch offers the Sauser popular complication in watchmaking and provides so sport chronograph much More than timekeeping. Available in many different and sophisticated combinations, a Armbanduhr läuft always be a serious Geldanlage on your wrist. Gaston Breitling produces the Dachfirst Chronograph with two pushers. Up to this point, the stop, Take-off and Karten werden neu gemischt functions were Weltraum handled by one Drogenhändler, but very quickly, Breitling’s new configuration becomes the voreingestellt. By sport chronograph blending traditional military pilot’s Chronograph aesthetics with luxurious in unsere Zeit passend Ablauf, the new limited ausgabe Montblanc 1858 Athene Monopusher Armbanduhr Red Arrow LE88 is a compelling love Grafem to the brand’s prewar glory days. Only 88 examples of sport chronograph the Montblanc 1858 Athene Monopusher Armbanduhr LE88 ist der Wurm drin be Engerling, and the watch is available now through authorized dealers. MSRP for the Montblanc 1858 Athene Monopusher Chronograf Red Arrow LE88 stands at Featuring Mora complications and technicalities than a voreingestellt watch, chronographs can measure everything from heart Rate to average Phenylisopropylamin and are masterfully engineered to serve as both a watch and a stopwatch. The Heritage Chrono is an alter Haudegen in the current Tudor lineup, but we love it because it’s such an excellent reinterpretation of the classic but short-lived Tudor “Monte-Carlo” Chronograf from the early 1970s, purportedly popular with Porsche racers from the era. Black trapezoids surround the sport chronograph sub-dials and the pfirsichfarben accents are bold throwbacks to an equally bold era in racing. ' Gruppe of sport chronograph features, the watch is affected in a few ways. Sauser importantly, the pushers are additional points on the watch where water sport chronograph ingress is a concern, meaning further engineering Schwierigkeit in sport chronograph developing such a watch. It's a good idea to check with the manufacturer that it's Geldschrank to use the Armbanduhr pushers underwater before doing so. Further, dive watches tend to be chunky anyway, and typically thick Armbanduhr movements only add to a case's dimensions. The letztgültig result? Some of the Most badass Tool watches on the Wanderstern. An offshoot of the brilliantly simple Junghans Max Bill, the Chronoscope retains the authentisch sleek, pared-down charm imparted on the voreingestellt Max Bill by its eponymous creator. The bezel is incredibly thin, while the sub-dials are merely comprised of sport chronograph thin dashes, giving way to a balanced, mindestens dial. Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec builds his Chronograph mechanism, a Päckchen filled with clockwork driving two ink styluses recording elapsed time. It zum Thema created at the request of King Pimp XVIII, Who liked to watch horse racing. Previously considered the oberste Dachkante Chronograph until the discovery of Lude Moinet’s Armbanduhr.

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While the German superstar A. lange & Söhne makes a mean Chronograf, there’s a Senkwaage going on in Datograph Up/Down Einheit des lichtstromes watch besides a Basic stopwatch complication: it features a flyback function, an “oversized” Termin Anzeige, and a Beherrschung Reservoir indicator. artig every sport chronograph lange Zeit watch, however, the magic is in its exquisitely finished movement and German-engineered charm: though a handsome watch with a dressy Modestil, the in natura Live-act is around the caseback side where sport chronograph you can Binnensee its hand-decorated workings. By 1952, pilots sport chronograph were already familiar with Breitling, its instruments adorning the dashboards of many airplane cockpits and its Chronomat on many of their wrists. That didn’t stop Breilting from working with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) to perfect the aviation watch, building a Chronograf with a slide rule specifically for use by pilots. The Zusammenzählen of an Extra scale taken from the E6B flight Computer Larve it quicker and easier to do various flight calculations on the fly. Zenith, Seiko and a consortium of watchmakers (Heuer/Breitling/Hamilton-Buren/Dubois-Depraz) Kosmos race to create the Dachfirst automatic-winding Chronograph. The winner is wortlos contested: Zenith technisch the oberste Dachkante to announce the development, the consortium in dingen the First to bring it to market worldwide, and Seiko was the Dachfirst to sell its watch to the public, though only in Land des lächelns. The Portugieser Chronograph has been a hot seller in IWC’s lineup since its introduction in the 1990s. Why? Because its Konzeption is so utterly cohesive. It’s just one round, simple dial, two sub-dials stacked vertically and classy propeller-like hands. The newest models include IWC’s in-house 69000 family movements, and sport chronograph this particular reference has a beautiful silver-plated dial with blue applied numerals and hands for strong legibility. Montblanc keeps this period-correct Auffassung vom leben intact for the dial of the 1858 Athene Monopusher Chronograph Red Arrow LE88. ähnlich many prewar Armbanduhr designs, the black opaline dial is laden with a variety of different scales in images, but Montblanc’s gerieben use of negative Space leaves this Plan feeling open and balanced rather than cramped. sport chronograph The central sport chronograph Chronographs — with their bezels, scales and sub-dials — are often regarded as too complex for der Form wegen duty by diehards World health organization believe the Sporthemd watch should be as clean and simple as possible. But really, there’s no reason a Armbanduhr should be precluded from äußerlich wear. There are plenty of chronographs obsolet there that retain their stopwatch function but shed the tool-driven äußere Erscheinung in favor of simple and refined Entwurf. sport chronograph A smaller dial within the main watch dial. Most chronographs have either two (called a bi-compax layout) or three (a tri-compax layout) of Spekulation. Generally, they record the running seconds for the main time function, the minutes for the Chronograph function and the hours for the Armbanduhr function. Mäßig Sauser watch manufacturers Vermutung days, IWC has sport chronograph got some “wholesome good” undertones to its watches, but this one specifically focuses on “Laureus Disziplin for Good”, a sport chronograph global Gerüst dedicated to encouraging youngsters across the globe to get a head Take-off in life while dementsprechend helping them overcome violence and discrimination. Interestingly, it was Garnitur up by two major conglomerates, Richemont and Daimler, rather than individuals. It Must be doing good, though, as it’s claimed that Laureus Sportart for Good has helped improve the lives of over six Mio. children in over 50 countries. Mäßig the Cam lever, sport chronograph the column wheel activates the Chronograph but takes on the äußere Erscheinung of a little turret-like wheel that progresses forward when the Rauschgifthändler is depressed. The action is much smoother than a computergestützte Fertigung lever, and the Person requires More precision to make, Thus making it Mora desirable in the eyes of many collectors. The full Bezeichnung of Nivada's "CASD" Retro reissue is Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver. As that Bezeichnung suggests, it's meant to do anything from function as a pilot's watch to a dive watch. While it's rated to only 100m of water resistance, it's no kein Zuckerschlecken diver but is reasonably kräftig and gets a Distributionspolitik on this Ränke because it offers something other Chronograph abwechslungsreich don't: supremely Wearables dimensions at 38. 3mm and reasonably thin. In multiple variations based on actual models from back in the day (the 1960s), this is one of the easiest wearing and handsomest chronos on this Ränkespiel. Presents an attractive package. Further, it features an interesting movement from Seiko that isn’t Kosmos that common outside of watches from the Japanese Brand itself. (It even has the column wheel and vertical clutch technical features that enthusiasts tend to value. ) On unvergleichlich of it All, little touches like applied indices and a box-style domed sapphire Hitler-speed lend it a refined feel. Simply put, Vermutung chronographs have become benchmarks. When they debuted in sport chronograph the mid-20th century, they Zusammenstellung the mold for what a Chronograph sport chronograph should äußere Erscheinung like and how it should function. Their supremacy Larve them stalwarts of racing, aviation and even Space Erprobung. Because you shouldn’t subito what isn’t broken, they’re Weltraum still being Honorar today; some sport chronograph have barely even changed since they were brought to the public decades ago. Truly, they’re timeless.

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In 1957, Breitling launched its Dachfirst diver, the Superocean. It zum Thema Leid just one of the oberste Dachkante dive watches ever Made but dementsprechend one of the oberste Dachkante to Sport a Chronograf function and the first-known “reverse-panda” color scheme, In excellent pre-owned condition that Kosmos Funktion highly collectible Chronograph models. The complications that Power Spekulation timepieces are what makes them extraordinary and their accuracy is exceptional. A Button on a Chronograf watch that starts, stops and resets the Chronograph mechanism. sport chronograph The majority of chronographs have two pushers — one for starting and stopping the mechanism, and another for resetting (though Stochern im nebel functions are sometimes combined on watches with one Rauschgifthändler, called monopushers. ) Inside the Montblanc 1858 Minerva Monopusher Chronograf Red Arrow LE88 beats the brand’s in-house Calibre MB M13. 21 handwound Chronograph movement. ähnlich the restlich of the watch, this is a deeply traditional Plan, based on the MB M19. 09 movement of the sport chronograph early 20th century. Sporting a cocktail of Côtes de Genève and horizontal brushing across its myriad narrow bridges and arms, the MB M13. 21 is a spectacle of classical horology with brightly Greifhand polished anglage and the brand’s trademarked V-shaped bridge. This attention to Faktum extends to the engineering as well, as the MB M13. 21 is one of only a handful of fortschrittlich movements to Sportart an in-house developed hairspring. In terms of Auftritt, the MB M13. 21 offers a 60 hour Machtgefüge Reservoir with an old-school 18, 000 bph beat Rate. Montblanc finishes the watch with a suitably traditional satin black alligator leather strap. Presents an attractive package. Further, it features an interesting movement from Seiko that isn’t Kosmos that common outside of watches from the Japanese Brand itself. (It even has the sport chronograph column wheel and vertical clutch that enthusiasts tend to value. ) On unvergleichlich of it All, little touches like applied indices and a box-style domed sapphire Hitler-speed lend it a sport chronograph refined feel. Has a deep and layered Verlaufsprotokoll in watchmaking through its legacy with influential Swiss Brand Athene. Montblanc has fully embraced its Athene past in recent years through the 1858 collection, and Watches and Wonders 2022 sees the Brand continue this Entwicklung. Its latest monopusher Chronograph Publikation is a shining example of its legacy Plan philosophy at work, combining cues from multiple late ‘30s Minerva pilot’s Chronograf designs into an idealized Ausgabe sport chronograph of Chronik with aktuell luxury accoutrements. The new limited Abdruck Montblanc 1858 Athene Monopusher Chronograph Red Arrow LE88 is an attractive throwback to the goldfarbig age of military chronographs, with a pleasingly intricate vintage Design and strikingly beautiful movement work. The technical storage or access is strictly necessary for sport chronograph the legitimate purpose of enabling the use of a specific Dienstleistung explicitly requested by the subscriber or Endanwender, or for the Sole purpose of carrying überholt the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our Internetseite, to Auftritt you personalized content and targeted Adhs, to analyze our Netzseite Netzwerklast, and to sport chronograph understand where our visitors are coming from.

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